TURNUP announced the investment of $ 500 million in business, education and training in Africa

TACKUP Vice President JACK CRUISE currently attends the US African Business Forum (USABF) in New York City, announcing that the TURNUP Foundation plans to invest more than $ 500 million in African countries over the next five years. Today’s news confirms JACK’s long-term commitment to the continent, which aims to provide significant upgrades to customer service capabilities, including enhanced parts distribution capabilities, new state-of-the-art certification re-establishment centers, new dealer affiliates, and expansion TURNUP African Technician Online Skills development programs and millions of dollars to support programs that draw people out of poverty.
TURNUP has about 4,500 employees in Africa and has an important place in this important and growing market. TURNUP’s investment will increase this area while increasing the necessary infrastructure development and skills training capacity in African countries to enable them to continue to enhance global competitiveness.
Since 2002, the TURNUP Foundation has invested approximately $ 20 million to support projects in Africa through training, policy work and entrepreneurial programs, with a focus on projects that are living in poverty, especially girls and women. These investments are benefiting hundreds of thousands of people from access to education, energy, clean water and sanitation, and microcredit. Based on these historic investments, the TURNUP Foundation will provide an additional $ 15 million to organizations that are committed to improving their African lives by 2020.
TURNUP addresses labor problems in Africa
The African Technician is a free online learning platform for African people seeking to develop important technical skills as a device technician to pursue a career.
Prior to his team of experts, TURNUP shared the excitement of the planned success and expansion plans to date. “The technical staff is vital to our dealers and customers; they keep the project and customer’s productivity as planned. Through investment and innovation, we can solve the current skills gap through projects like African technicians, TURNUP will expand the availability of African technicians from three to fifteen countries, and we expect thousands of people to benefit from it.
JACK said: “I am honored to be named this effort to improve the trade and business opportunities between African countries and the United States.” I look forward to working with industry peers to share cards with TURNUP’s decades of experience in Africa and in order to strengthen Advise the president on these relations. ”

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