Food Supply

Food Supply

Food supplies need to take into full consideration to meet the requirement of food production hygiene and safety.

At the same time, each food production company used an original production supply for a better differentiation on the company’s food characteristics.

The food production process is divided into two parts: the former process (raw material processing, food manufacturing / processing) and the subsequent process (distribution / measurement, packing / filling).

The former processes include raw materials cleaning, cutting, classification and other processes, the development of a wide range of production equipment are now available according to different production methods. In the subsequent process, the main equipment of the accuracy and speed has a higher demand.

In recent years, the emergence of unspecified objects mixed with food have aroused attention to the public, especially about food safety. As a result, food equipment is made more secure, more reliable and more convenient to maintain the requirements.

TURNUP put materials technology, lubrication technology and precision technology into good use, NSK unique core technology to meet the needs of the market for the improvement of food supply performance has made tremendous contributions. Moreover, there’s a new invention for edible grease to ensure food safety.