Metallurgical Equipment

Metallurgical Equipment

Metallurgical equipment has a wide range of kinds of the raw materials plant equipment, steelmaking processes, rolling processes, leveling processes from the upstream to the downstream required equipment. These devices are equipped with various bearings, which are used in metallurgical equipped unique “iron powder”, “water”, and “hot” conditions. Despite all these, the process needs to meet the “heavy load + vibration shock”, “from low to high-speed change to rapid acceleration and deceleration” and so on, so all can endure and be well functioned in very severe conditions.

“Having a stable operation and improved production efficiency”, is to be told as the leading topic in the metallurgic industry. TURNUP is pursing to be the leader of such thing and always contributing to this goal. TURNUP have been working on the advanced bearing design technology, the bearing material technology, lubrication technology, analytical technology and other internal potential problems. Every day, the teams are promoting the corresponding measures and researching to fix problems at various issues. At the moment, TURNUP has been committed to overcoming this lifelong problem at bearing field. ”How can bearing be eternal while highly reliable”.

TURNUP has a varieties of metallurgical equipment required bearings including lots of different products, from the ISO standard bearings to the self-invented high-performance special bearings and other products. In addition, we were well recognized the demand of high value products and environmentally friendly products in the metallurgical industry, TURNUP took actions promptly to the problem with appropriate measures and provide new solutions.

The rolling process of the heated steel sheet with a bar roll is also a very typical process in the use of dynamic metallurgical equipment, and it is also an important step that has makes a huge difference on the quality of the product. The two ends of the main rollin mill are build with the main four-row tapered roller bearings. The bearing using conditions are also highly relevant in the metallurgical equipment with great loading persistency, working just fine in the cooling water and (iron) erosion in any bad conditions.

TURNUP has long been committed to the long life of four-row tapered roller bearings. Back in the 70’s at the last century, TURNUP had invented the first leading “sealed four-row tapered roller bearings” that’s water and iron powder resistant, to be able to achieved the extension of bearing life of the leap. Not long after TURNUP gave another introduction to the seal-specific grease. In the 90s’ last century, there were some improvements rendered for the internal design of this bearing, which gave a substantial increase in its rated load, and developed a strong resistance to oxidation of iron chip new material. In recent years, TURNUP has also developed a new material that are resistant to firon powder and cooling water

In the future, TURNUP will continue to be the customer’s favorite and trusted enterprise, and work with customers to move forward.