Mining Mechanism & Engineering Mechanism

Mining Mechanism, Engineering Mechanism

The regions for mining machinery and engineering machinery are mostly mountain and desert where the mining take place, sometimes the work places are even in the underground below 2000 meters. This type of machinery differs from a variety of types, including mineral crushing machine to cutting machine, screening machine, loading machine, and transportation machine and so on, they operate almost 24 hours a day for continuous operation. No matter what kind of mechanical errors may occur, it will have a big effect on the production of mining sites. Due to the recent large-scale machinery, the maintenance work has becoming more rigorous. Therefore, in the changing bearing environment, the requirements of “heavy load + impact load”, “light load + high-speed rotation”, “heavy load + low-speed rotation” are incredibly severe. The user friendly bearing is the on can overcome these harsh environment and still stay in good function, durability and high reliability.

To be able to meet these needs from different users, TURNUP has always been a core technology center that combine well of material technology, lubrication technology, analytical technology and the most advanced bearing design technology integration, committed to the relevant research and development. As a result, the goal of providing a product that significantly exceeds the level of “long life and high limit speed” of previous bearings is expected to contribute to the improvement of production efficiency and maintenance costs in the harsh environment. In addition, TURNUP also provides new solutions for environmental protection requirements.