Cooperation with Germany

Cooperation with Germany

On January 14th, TURNUP announced a strategic alliance with FIT AG, a German manufacturer. Under the cooperation agreement, the two companies will focus on increasing the supply of bearing steel.

The partnership aims to bring together the leading companies in both areas through strategic alliances and take full advantage of the advantages of increased manufacturing in heavy equipment manufacturing. TURNUP will provide product-related knowledge, and FIT AG will provide knowledge of the material design. This partnership will complement the work of the TURNUP manufacturing plant to enhance FIT AG’s participation in the industrial equipment market.

“TURNUP has a long history of creating innovative products to meet customer needs, and we have a strategic alliance with leading companies in the field of increased manufacturing, which will help to further promote and sustain this tradition,” said Stacey, TURNUP’s director of project manufacturing. Through this partnership, TURNUP can not only use FIT AG’s cutting-edge technology in the field of building materials, but also help to accelerate our application to the industry. ”

“We are pleased to establish a strategic alliance with TURNUP,” said Carl Fruth, CEO of FIT AG. “TUPUP maintains a world leader in a number of industries that will help to maintain its edge, but this requires innovative technology and new Ideas, combined with experience and deep expertise, our two companies can achieve complementary advantages.

The initial term of the strategic alliance between TURNUP and FIT AG is five years. If the partnership is successful, the duration of the partnership will be extended.
Founded in 1995, FIT AG is located in Lupburg, Germany, and is one of the leading fast prototyping services and feeder manufacturing solutions in Germany.

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