TURNUP employees boarded the Forbes “Elite under 30” list

Age is no longer a necessary condition for judging excellence. TURNUP company Bryce is such an example. “Forbes” magazine on January 10 has just released 2017 years of “30 under the age of 30 elite list” in the manufacturing and industry list you will find the name of Bryce. He is 26 years old, is TaimUP continue to grow and develop a team of analysts, part of the market and digital sector. He is trying to make our machine more intelligent, whether it is the use of equipment or maintenance and so on.
When asked why he chose to engage in data-related career development, he replied, “My interest in the data began in college, that was the first time I felt most of the decision-making process in the market area “After getting a more majestic master ‘s degree, I know that the data can provide some answers to market decisions.
Since joining TURNUP, he has helped to build an analysis model / algorithm combination based on telematics data and device fluid samples and uses customer data and analytics for our product sites to enable customer segmentation and analysis.
If you are interested in similar areas, Bryce has some suggestions for this. “First, accumulate a good mathematical or statistical basis and then take advantage of the free online data science course offered by Stanford University, which also provides a very good way to quickly understand what data scientists do without learning Write code.

One of Bryce’s experience sharing is his concern for the business, not the skills he has (though it is clearly necessary). He values ​​the same sense of intuition and common sense, that “people’s inner judgment pendulum may have been away from intuition, and to the pure data side deviation,” and the truth is somewhere in the middle.
“I am honored to be recognized by Forbes, but happily my great team on behalf of TURNUP in the Peoria region, which proves that in addition to Silicon Valley,” said Bryce, “the 30-year-old elite” list, Such a technology center, other areas will have amazing innovation work. Thank you once worked with me everyone!
Bliss said that if one day the analysis is no longer hot, and become TURNUP and the world’s most common part of the operation, he will be most excited. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and an integrated marketing communication – a master’s degree in market analysis.

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